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Meet Councilman Zeke Cohen

Zeke first ran for office on a belief that democracy only works when every person – in every community – has a voice in the process. During his time on the Council, Zeke’s brought people across race, class and political ideology together to accomplish tangible results for city residents. As Council President, Zeke will hold the administration accountable to deliver high quality city services through regular oversight hearings. He’ll prioritize Baltimore’s mental health crisis, work to give residents more control over their tax dollars through participatory budgeting and create a City Council Committee for Older Adult Empowerment.

This is
Baltimore's Moment

Baltimore can be the next great American comeback city. But first, we’ve got to make our government work. There is so much opportunity to think bigger – to address the systems that have allowed decades of disinvestment in our neighborhoods; to find balance at the intersection of justice and safety while kick starting wage growth and career mobility in every zip code. Few places are better equipped with the kind of talent, grit and ingenuity that exists here in our hometown. Even when Baltimore breaks our hearts, it never gives up. And neither will we. We can reimagine Baltimore’s future together, but first we must restore faith in our most basic systems and renew trust in the leaders elected to deliver them.

Trauma-informed care in every Baltimore agency.
Support Zeke on July 25th! Summer reception with Comptroller Bill Henry.
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