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Zeke’s constant mantra is: “Both/And.” We can offer reliable, high-quality city services in every district and promote equitable investments in our City. We can attract new residents and build a thriving ecosystem for legacy residents. We can grow our tax base and drive innovation while also reducing the crippling tax burden for homeowners in Baltimore. Our ability to deliver excellent services to City residents while addressing historic inequities in our systems is possible when our leaders work effectively, transparently and efficiently in a with the communities they serve.

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Government-centered leadership in the news.
June 27, 2023
Fox 45 News
Harrison’s departure from Baltimore Police Department ‘didn’t feel right,’ says city councilman
June 27, 2023
Baltimore Banner
Baltimore City Council members vote to advance creation of Office of Aging
March 1, 2021
Baltimore Magazine
GameChanger: Zeke Cohen
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