Effective Government
Should Be a Given, Not A Goal

At least once a week, I find myself saying “Never bet against Baltimore.” That’s because I believe in our city with everything I’ve got. We have talent, purpose and determination in spades. We have eclectic neighborhoods, fierce advocates and passionate residents. But we also have something else; something that has been holding our city back: ineffective and inconsistent governance.

We must restore faith in our elected leaders - not only as bold, honest stewards of justice, but as relentless providers of great city services. We’ve got to do both. And yet, in many cases, we aren’t doing either very well.

We must address the massive gaps in wealth and health that define our city; demand equity and effective city services. Not in decades, but right now. We must make meaningful progress on systemic barriers to wealth and create equitable and accountable systems; ensure public safety and justice for all Baltimoreans; grow our population and protect legacy residents from displacement.

With competent and effective leadership, we can reimagine Baltimore’s future, restore faith in our most basic systems and renew trust in those elected to deliver them. Together we can make Baltimore work better right now, while also co-creating a more equitable, safe, healthy and prosperous city for every resident in every one of our neighborhoods.

Together, we can write the great American comeback story here in Baltimore.

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